Thursday, 23 May 2013


Did you know that flickr is currently giving 1 terabyte of free space if you sign up with them? Yes 1 terabyte!!!!! Thanks for the heads up Natte'

For an avid picture taking mummy like me, I currently have almost 3k of of pics. (And I only recently got my iPhone in Dec last year) this is music to my ears!  You can sign up with your google email and voila! 1 tb at your disposal. I really want to save my iPhone pics somewhere and it is such a hassle plugging it in and trying to copy it to my hard drive. So comes the Camera Sync app. This is currently selling at $2.99 on iTunes but I thought it would be worth it. With this app you can wirelessly sync your Camera Roll to your flickr or dropbox! It claims that you can run it in the backgroud but I have found that it only runs in the backgroud but with time limits. Then you have to open up the app again.

It's not super fast so it's taking forever to upload to flickr but I do have almost 3k of pics including videos so I figured I do this once then after this it won't be so painful! But yeay I now have a backup of my pics and can also free up some space in my iPhone!

Screenshot of my Camera Sync uploading pics to my Flickr

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