Monday, 27 May 2013

Ferragamo Sale

I received an email from Citibank yesterday informing me about Ferragamo's preview sale for Citibank credit card members. In addition there will be an extra 10 percent off for all sale items! My girl Adzy and I decided yesterday that we would check it out over lunch today and we did.

I had one thing in mind which was their hairclips. I am so bored of my hair and thought a new hairclip would be a nice accessory! This is what I came back with.

There were the iconic vara bow hairclips but only the black one was on sale which I thought was a bit boring and didn't really stand out. Then I fell in love with this one! Love the colour and the branding is not so huge which was a plus.

There a variety of shoes on sale too. Lots of vara and varina and i also bumped into these jelly flats. Tried it on and they were so comfy. At RM468 a pair after discount It was too good to pass up! So bought those too!

There you go, May pay purchases. 
(No more spending this month!...but we are heading to JB tomorrow and unlikely that we wont be visiting JPO eekk)

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