Friday, 28 June 2013

F1 Mark Webber retiring

Webber announced yesterday that he will be retiring from the F1 at the end of the season. Webber will be leaving the F1 to race for Porsche sports car. 

I am absolutely gutted because I was looking forward to seeing him race at his home ground next year. Yes we are going to the Australian Grand Prix next year! InsyaAllah!!!

I think the reason that he is quitting is mainly because Redbull treats him like the "stepson". They have always favored Seb and this was evident at the Malaysia race. Webber was leading with a few more laps to go and the instruction from the team was "Multi-21" which means that everyone holds their position and basically Vettel not pass through. This is to lessen the risk of any crashing when both cars are from the same team. However Seb disobeyed and overtook Webber to become the winner of the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix. 

The tensions on their faces on the Podium

At the press conference later, Webber commented

"Seb made his own calls today and will have protection as usual and that's the way it goes"


So yeah I think it's time for him to move on and be with a team that would truly appreciate him and not treat him like a "black sheep".

All the best Webber!!

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