Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Butterfly Project : SPA PARTY

Over the weekend I attended the SPA PARTY by The Butterfly Project.

I almost couldn't go as the maid was going away for the weekend and there was no one to look after Nazrin. Luckily MIL came to the rescue and said that she would look after him. THANK YOU MA! 

The party was held at Posh! Nail Spa, TTDI and upon registering we got our door gift which was a body scrub from Body Shop. Then we were given vouchers to redeem during the event which was manicure, pedicure, mask, facial and massage.

First up I went for the facial as that was the only service available. The facial was done by the owner herself Jamie. It started off with cleanser, scrub and then she introduced me to her "drainage" machine. The machine was had a suction motion and also light massage and this was applied all over the face and neck. It had different colours but she chose red for blood circulation for me. The facial only took 20 minutes as it was only a demo and it was only 1 step out of 5. The full facial would cost about RM250 for about 2 hours. Ideally you would need to do the facial once a week for 5 weeks and then after that every 2 weeks. Jamie has been doing "drainage" for more than a decade and she does not look her age which was 53 (she looked about 40 to me).

After the facial, there was a welcome speech and a fashion show from Pink n' Proper.

I was hungry by then so proceeded to enjoy the finger food spread by Good Friends Cafe

I also managed redeem my pedicure voucher altho I opted not to colour my nails (too much hassle to take them off later!) But I enjoyed the scrub and massage!

I did some mingling and networking in between. I went without knowing anyone at all so it was nice to meet all the other beauty bloggers and they were all so nice! 

And we took a few photos using the fotobox too! 

(if I've missed anyone off leave me a comment and I'll update!)

Had to leave early as my Little Man was calling so said my swift goodbye and got my Goody BAG. Loved it!!!

Thank you so much The Butterfly Project and organisers for an awesome Spa day! How you pulled this one off I have no idea! To get all the collaborators and organise a day for all the other bloggers and all not for a profit! I did buy some lip sugar scrub to support them! I had such a great time and hope to join more events like this!

Thank you again to all the sponsors for the event!!


  1. Nice Write up babe :) So happy that you able to join on that day :) Your MIL is a Gem!

    1. thanks you and the Butterfly Project team. You girls are awesome and the spa party was awesome too! can't wait for more events!!

  2. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 salam perkenalan :)

    1. hi wiida!! thanks for dropping by! xxx

  3. Hi, farah baru baca ni :) two thumbs up!

    1. hi farah, thanks for reading! i've added your link too xxx


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