Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Girl Crush

I have been watching interviews of Jennifer Lawrance and she is hilarous!!

She is funny and so down-to-earth!! She is an amazing actress too with an Academy Award and Golden Globe in the bag.

I think I love her personality which is genuine that "attracts" me the most!

Can't wait to watch Silver Lining Playbook!!

Look at her so cheeky with the Academy Award in one hand and the flipping the finger with the other!

So she is one of my girl crushes. You know how you have certain girl that you like to look at (in a non lesbian kinda way u know!) here are the rest of my girl crushes!!

Celebrity Mummy

Miranda Kerr

I remember back when I was in Aussie, I actually bought the Dolly magazine that was the start of her modelling career.

Then when she had her baby and I saw and read that she breastfed her baby, I started stalking her. I mean most celebrities do not like to bf their babies as it would effect their perfectly shaped b**bs but not her!

Also our boys are about the same age so I always loved seeing her pics with Flynn. She even stopped working as an Angel for Victoria's secret to spend more time with her baby boy Flynn.

I wished I had her body and she is my inspiration! Kimi even changed my name in his phonebook to Miranda Kerr (coz he knows I love her not because he thinks I look like her...I WISH!). When he told me he did that, I didn't believe him so I called his phone with my phone and when that name flashed up on the screen I SQUEALED in delight!! HAHAHA


Peony Lim

She is a London based blogger. Can't even remember how I stumbled across her blog but I am a huge fan. I have always loved girls who are Eurasian and she is of a Vietnamese mixed blood. Not only she is beautiful, she is EVER so stylish and chic. Check out her blog for yourself!

Her outfits are so beautifully put together! She somehow manages to look elegant but yet so chic! I want her wardrobe and her handbags! Every year she gets to attend the London, Paris and New York Fashion Week and year after year she wows everyone with her outfits!

Her photos on her blog are always so beautiful coz her boyfriend is the photographer. Also a blogger Pete Navey.

So there you go my girl crushes!

I am tagging Natte, Ad and Drog! Share with us your girl crushes (doesn't have to be in any specific category) .Ad i know who your blogger crush is :p sokayla if you shy shy to share with us THAT one.

I am also tagging everyone who reads this and if you do the tag please drop a comment here for me to read!!!


  1. Just spoke to my housemates about this girl crush or sort of like role model thing. I will definitely do an entry about my girl crushes soon. I will comment again ;) ..

    Jadi suri rumah, i have A LOT OF TIME to do fun stuff like blogging :P

    1. Hi Shasa!!

      Yes can't wait to read your entry!! and get your housemate to do one too! hhaaha role model is another way to put it...

      Surirumah duduk depan TV tunggu Kate, Wills and Baby keluar hospital tak smlm??? Kate looks stunning and glowing as always! Can't wait for your lil bub!!

    2. Yeah i was going to wait but it was too long la.. so i just wait for BBC to update us all.

      Can you add your youtube person too?


    3. Anyone is fine! No rules pon hehe can't wait to read your entry!

  2. Lambat, but dah! hehehe



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