Thursday, 4 July 2013

Little Man playing independently

Being a breastfed baby, he obviously is very close to me. If we go elsewhere and if I am not within in his eyesight after 10 minutes he would panic and start looking for me. 

Even at home, if I am in the kitchen I would struggle to cook and clean cos he would demand my constant attention. 

So over the weekend, I was so happy to see that he can now play independently. I left him at his play corner to play with his trucks while I cooked some pasta. The next day, as hubs was gardening and I was in the kitchen he was outside playing with his trucks.

We even had a chance to take him to those indoor playgrounds for a friend's birthday party. He had a BALL at the ball pit. You see all these while he loved watching videos on kids playing at the ball pit. I'm sure he got so jakun ('awed') that he got to play in it for real! I had to literally carry him out from the pit to go home!

Hopefully he will be ok this Saturday night as I will be away for my girl friend's bridal weekend in Bali.

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