Friday, 12 July 2013

L'occitane Haul

Fridays are my shopping day. So even if it's fasting month I would still go out so today I went to KLCC to check out L'occitane's Opening Sale.

I got a door gift for coming upon showing my member's card and also got a RM20 voucher to be used for any purchases over RM100.

The whole shop was so full of people though and the queues to pay were long! I couldn't believe that people were buying their products like they were buying biscuits!! Each person was buying RM200-400 worth of toiletries! Although I have to admit that their shower gels are amazing! If only I had that much money to buy their shower gel to use on a daily basis. I only use mine for special occasions!

I had my eye set on the Best of Almond set (RM99) so was so proud of myself for not buying anything else other than that. I really wanted to try the Milk Concentrate cream which is a firming lotion. I have a lot of areas that need firming so wanted to give this cream a try.

So check out today's purchases.

Almond set on the left and also got a free bag. Items on the right are the door gift for members. Small samples of almond shower oil, almond milk concentrate, shampoo and hand cream. Yeay! 

Opening sale starts from 12th July to 14th July but be quick! Most sets are limited so grab them before they run out!

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