Thursday, 11 July 2013

Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Epi leather

One of the iconic and recognizable bag is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

I got mine in December 2010 and I remember this because I bought that bag after I found out I was pregnant. I wanted a bag to remember that occasion and I just got my bonus so I walked into LV KLCC and walked out with my Neverfull in Damier Ebene. I bought this bag for RM2,350 and now the price has gone up to about RM3,000. Crazy right how the price has gone up by 28percent in just 3 years! That's designer bag for you. I always rationalise my bag purchases with the fact that the value appreciates kinda like land!

LV is currently rolling out their bags in lots of bright colours. It started with the Alma BB and now they also have the Neverfull in Epi leather in bright colours too!

It comes in 7 eye popping candylicious colours (Black, Fuchsia, Indigo, Figue, Cyan, Piment and Citron) in the MM size (medium). So the bag is the next size up from the one I have in the pic above

Details of the bag are as follows (per the website);

  • smooth leather trim
  • shiny silver brass metallic pieces
  • calfskin and microfibre lining
  • removable pouch attached to D-ring (free pouch!!)

Which colour would I choose? I love it in CYAN! But personally I think the MM size is too big for me so I don't think I would actually purchase it (cheh mcm ada duit je nak beli pon :p)

This bag retails for GBP1,160. Not sure how much it is in KL now. Will update if I get a chance to drop by KLCC.

Update: This bag retails for RM6,700 (KLCC)


  1. the price increse year by year right! haha... like the chanel flap bag, last i heard it was 9k, but now its 15k... and the styles are pretty limited here, i was aiming for the berkeley, but the SA said it was discontinue... >.<

    1. crazy kan?? chanel lagi la gila harga dia! my mum has the berkeley but i think its quite's been discontinued ?? oh i didn't know that. i guess more reason to go into LV and browse!!


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