Monday, 15 July 2013

Movies with the Little Man

My Little Man is nearly 2 years old and now when we take him to see a movie, I can see that he's interested and enjoys it.

The first movie ever we took him to was The Hobbit, but that was mainly for us. We went in and half an hour later, I put him to sleep and he was fast asleep. That was at Gold Class so it was nice and comfy to cuddle him to sleep.

2 weeks ago we took him to see Monsters Inc. 2(because Despicable Me 2 was not out yet). It was a shame coz that's the movie that he REALLY wanted to see. He even pointed out the minions and exclaimed "Baba-nana" (like the Banana Song). He was not afraid of the dark and he even sat on the cinema steps because he just couldn't sit still while enjoying his popcorn. Monster Inc. 2 didn't really catch his attention as he is not familiar with the characters. So after a while he got a bit restless and I nursed him and to sleep he went. We both really enjoyed the movie though!

Over the weekend, we took him to see Despicable Me 2. This time he sat on his own seat (tried to take a pic but it turned out really crap) with his own bucket of popcorn. He loved the movie especially the minions! He lasted an hour before I gave him his bottle and after that he fell asleep (he missed his morning nap). It was an enjoyable movie and I could tell that they took on board the popularity of the minions as there were many scenes of them compared to the first movie. However somehow we both preferred MI2, but obviously Nazrin loved DM2!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend too with their loved ones!

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