Tuesday, 16 July 2013

July 2013 Benefits Haul

I love make up by BenefitCosmetics. My Benefit journey started back in the UK when I used to subscribe to Glamour magazine. Then in one of their issues they gave out a free full size Benefits Lip Gloss and I absolutely loved it. Their lip gloss is the type that doesn't make your throat feels dry. Does anyone else ever get that feeling when wearing lip gloss or lipstick or is it just me?

Anyways, now I swear by their Porefessional (told ya I got pores issue!) and whenever I need to restock I prefer to buy them straight off their US website. If you spend over USD 150 you get free international shipping but in this order there was an offer orders of USD90 gets free international shipping.

Also if you subscribe to the newsletters every now and then there would be offers for free deluxe sizes. This is the current offer on the website.

At every purchase you can choose 2 sample sachets and I chose porefessional and fine-one-one.

This was my latest haul which was combined with my friend. I restocked my Porefessional (got the deluxe size) and also bought some matte-finish setting powder.


($39) RM124.41 for 44ml
RM62.21 for 22ml

KL Price RM115 for 22ml

SAVINGS of RM52.79

A pretty huge saving if you ask me! The tube is double the size so it will definitely last me til the end of the year!


($15 - sale from $24)


No price comparison

Added this item in the cart as it was on sale and wanted the whole order to come up to $90 to get the free shipping.
Please note however that the shipping is taking ages now. Before it only took 2 weeks for the goods to arrive but this time around it took almost a month. So if you are planning to order something from the US website, do order it a month before you item finishes.

Also if anyone else wants to combine orders, give me a shout! Esp. if you are close by to me so that I don't have to ship anything out.


  1. oh my! love your hauls! i love benefit cosmetic too! i find it cheaper buying online. say another blogger saves alot when she purchase online. <3

  2. Thanks Sab! defo cheaper but sometimes the wait is painful! and when you save, more reason to shop elsewhere!


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