Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mummy was away for the weekend

During my weekend (one night rather) in Bali, obviously I had to leave Nazrin behind. I was looking forward to one night of uninterrupted sleep and a cheap massage but I was more scared and apprehensive at the thought of leaving him behind.

It was tough for him coz he missed me terribly. Hubby tried his best to keep him occupied by taking him out but he took Nazrin out for too long he started getting tired and cranky. I guess he is not too familiar with my Little Man's tired cues. So when I called him up upon arriving at the villa, the moment he heard my voice he started crying and saying "nak mummy, nak mummy" (I want mummy). I didn't dare to speak to him after that!

On another occasion, he started crying again and saying out loud "mummy where are youuuuu" and he also consoled himself by saying "mummy work" while crying. Poor boy.

My sister in law told me yesterday that when he saw his cousin Adam crying over wanting to watch some cartoons and she was consoling him by patting his back and hugging him, Nazrin copied adam and started whinging "watch tv watch tv" and even took my SIL's hand on put it on his back asking her to console him. Kesian dia dahagakan kasih sayang masa mummy takde. Sigh poor little darling.

The driver who picked me up from the airport was so gobsmacked that I was only there literally to only have dinner and joked that the next day I will be having my lunch in Singapore. Luckily I did make the right decision for leaving him for just one night instead of two. 

Thanks to the husband for letting me have one night to myself and also to the maid who looked after him (macam la maid baca blog kan? haha)

Mummy loves you Nazrin. We'll go on the airplane together soon ok?!

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