Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Maids - can't live with them can't live without them

The maid that helps to look after Nazrin ran away last night.
I am more upset on Nazrin's behalf because he is so attached and love her to bits.
Last night before he went to sleep he called out her name (he does this most nights) and I had to explain to him that she's sleeping at Nani's house and she is tired.

See, even if you thought that the maid loves your son like her own but when the time comes he is still not her son so why should she stay?

Apparently she has been fighting with the other maid and on top of that she has been wanting to go back to see her children. Fair enough, it has been 4 years since she saw them but we are doing everything we can to get her the passport. Papa even paid RM3k recently to expedite her passport. She is fully aware of this but yet during Maghrib last night she packed all her things and still left. I think the fight is the main reason as she didn't even wait for this month's pay before leaving.

Perhaps it's time to send him to Playschool. Brainy Bunch is near the in-laws house and it's perfect for him as they teach your kid to doa, pray and it's Montessori teaching but my biggest turn off is their 10:1 children:teacher ratio. There is the Playschool that his cousin goes to but it's a bit far from our home. Will have to seriously consider this.

In the meantime I hope mama can find a replacement soon. I feel bad for her coz she has the shop to look after and picking up and sending his youngest son, now to look after her grandson too!


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