Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rendang Dinding Perak

UPDATE (4/8/2014)
APOLOGIES but I just realised that I have missed out CILI KERING in the recipe!!!
My brother pointed it out when he used this recipe to cook the rendang as he is celebrating Eid all by his lonesome in Abu Dhabi. Kesian dia!! Nasib baik jadi jugak guna cili hidup (sbb malas nak keluar balik beli cili kering)

This is a must dish at my kampung in Kuala Kangsar! And this is my first time making it from scratch!

The process is tedious. It took me 3.5 hours to make this!

1.5kg of beef

1 bawang besar
20 bawang kecil
4 bawang putih
20 cili kering (di rendam dulu)
4cm of halia

Air rebusan daging
Air asam jawa
Kicap manis and masin
Gula garam

1. Boil the beef until cooked and tender

2. Blend the onions etc
3. Cut the beef into thin slices
4. Tumbuk the beef sampai lerai urat2
5. Marinade the beef with kicap manis and masin
6. Fry the beef until black

7. Tumis the blended items until pecah minyak, add the air daging, air asam jawa kicap masin and manis. Adjust with sugar accordingly

Add the beef 
8. Fry some onions
9. Add the fried onions and let the rendang dry
10. Tadaaa!!!

Yummy yum yums. Luckily it turned iut nice and it was so nice that I am now expected to cook it during raya at the in-laws. 😲

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