Monday, 2 September 2013

Halfway Mark

I was very fortunate that my SPM results were quite good and managed to bag myself a full scholarship to read BSc Accounting and Finance at Warwick University from P*NB. Also I am very fortunate that I have an 8 year bond to serve to my company which means that after I finished my CA I didn't have to go through any job interviews as my job was already waiting for me.

How 4 years flew by so quickly is beyond me! But I guess the fact that I do enjoy working here helps. I mean I am not counting days to "serve" my bond. I do love how I can have work-life balance here. I love how at lunch time I can join the aerobic classes and combat fitness. Most of the days I am out the door at 5pm. The career progression is not that great but I am not complaining much.

There were 10 of us in the original batch. 
1 left as he had different political standings to the company who is obviously pro govt.
1 went to a subsidiary (engineering co) and now I have no idea where to
1 also went to a subsidiary (bank)
1 left for a consulting firm and now is an associate director!

So 6 left, and 3 out of the 6 have finished their bond this year. 

Recently 2 of us got promoted to manager so we claimed our free lunch. It was funny how the conversations revolved about kids and which formula they were drinking. Nothing too corporate-ish hehe!

So here's to the halfway mark for me. Hopefully by the time I finish, my "project" is near completion and by then I am the CFO of the subsidiary (haha..dream BIG!!!).

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