Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nazrin's outings

It was a busy weekend for Nazrin. Apart from Ann's wedding we took him out to a funfair AND a train ride.

There is an ongoing funfair at Cheras which we stopped by on Saturday night. It was basically a ground with lots of rides and games and not to forget loud music! It was raining slightly that night, so we started off with the games. It was 2 tokens (RM4) for each game and as usual no one wins big. Nazrin and Kimi won a few cheapo presents (i.e. keychain, a pen, a notebook). Kimi spent most of the tokens playing the shooting game. Those things are such a lie! The bottom ducks falls easily if you shoot them and you win a kitty bank. The top ducks are probably more heavier that even if you manage to hit it, it won't fall down! Rip off!

Nazrin went on 2 rides, the merry go round and the train ride. The merry go round was fine but I noticed that when Nazrin is enjoying something, sometimes he just goes really quiet and with no expression at all! But he really loves it! The train ride was soo fast that I had to go on as well and sit next to him. Again he was all quiet. Both rides went on forever! I guess as there was no queue what so ever they just let it go on. It gave me a headache! But overall we all had a great time!

Then last Sunday we took Nazrin on a train ride. Well the LRT actually.

We parked the car at KLCC then headed to KL Sentral. Unfortunately the only stretch that was not underground was between Pasar Seni and KL Sentral which was only one station from each other, so most of the time we were underground. Initially while we were underground he was puzzled but the moment we came out from the tunnels, he absolutely loved it! He was looking out the window, checking out the cars, buses outside. As usual he got excited seeing the cranes, trucks etc.

At KL Sentral we had breakfast at McD and then headed back to KLCC. As we were waiting for our train, a train going the opposite direction went off and he waved goodbye excitedly. It was so adorable. Then on the way back in the LRT, he kept telling the train to slow down! hehe..Captured that on instavid, it was so cute! Dgn mulut kecoh dia tu hehe

At KLCC, we went to Isetan to get more trucks for him then on the way to lunch that's where we bumped into Raja Nazrin.

It was a good day out. Will definately take him on a train again but instead of the LRT we'll take him on the monorail so that we're not in the tunnel most of the time.

I love this picture taken at KL Sentral. The lighting was superb. I can't believe how grown up he looks here!

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