Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ann's wedding weekend

Remember my best friend from High School from her bridal weekend in Bali?
Over the weekend , Ann finally got married!

Her nikah was done at her house and she was stunning!
Her dress, hantaran and our dulang girls baju were from Asian Atilier.
I loved her nikah attire, she looked so demure and she was so happy that THE day finally came for her. 

While me and Nadia had a few serious boyfriends, she didn't. And it was puzzling as to why she is single coz she is hot as hell. She is the perfect definition of beauty with brains. So as it turn out she was waiting for Mr. Perfect all these while. And perfect is spot on because they are perfect for each other. It is amazing how they are made for each other, how they complement each other! Ann is loud and bossy while Ishnnal is calm and gentle, yeilding.
He knows how to calm her down when she is being the drama queen that she is. 
Like yin and ying to InsyaAllah a perfect marriage and household.
Words cannot describe how happy I am for her that she is now a wife to her perfect partner.

I pray for a long and successful marriage. My tip is communication is always key in a marriage. Never bottle things up, if something bothers you speak up and sort it out. Always hugs and kiss and always respect your husband. Look after yourself and his reputation (All this is a reminder to myself too!). 

Congratulations again my dearest Ann!

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Us there. The bimbotches
A term we call ourselves as we are the bimbo + b*tches (ganas la konon...zaman highschool. agak poyo sedikit! hehe)
Me, ann and diana
I was a dulang girl! Thanks ann walaupon mak dara still dpt angkat dulang
At the beautiful reception. The gorgeous bride and groom.
Her beautiful dress was from InnaiRed
Table 8 (Aaron, Nadia, me, Dayah and Sherrina)
With the Sexy Bomb ladies!
The gorgeous bride's sisters and Lynne

We had a pic taken of the four of us at my wedding!
Here's another at Ann's. Must take another one like this at Nadia's and wouldn't it be funny if we recreate this again at Nazrin's wedding?!!
This cheeky boy was my plus one and conquered the pelamin at one point. Even "tadah" his hand wanted people to merenjis him!

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  1. This is the sweetest ever...i love u gf fir our friendship and ur support...thank u for sharing lur wonderful day with us....


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