Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Shasa & Co baby shower

Update: Shasa safely delivered a healthy 2.4kg baby girl this morning (September 18 at 2am).

Last Sunday I was invited to the baby shower of Shasa Aziz. I knew her from Natte' and was so happy to be invited.

I decided to bring Nazrin anyway coz I felt sorry that he is left at home all week so I wanted to bring him out anyway. When we arrived at Melur & Thyme I was awed at all the decorations. The baby shower had a Tiffany & Co theme and everything was custom made for her. They used Dear Azalea as the party planner. The table setting was so beautiful with custom made place mats even! The decorations were beautiful, I still can't get over it.

pics above were taken from their FB page

We had Breakfast at Melur & Thyme (aka Tiffanys) and the breakfast was actually quite nice. Although my omelette were a bit too salty for my liking.Then we played some games and the prizes were awesome! Stuff from Victoria's Secret and there was also a Coach coin purse up for grabs. I didn't win any though. The ombre cake was super delicious and the was even a macaron tower. Overall it was a great party! 

I was gonna write have a smooth delivery Shasa but I heard that you said it was painful. But Alhamdulillah Lil Mochi is with us already safe and sound. I know you'll be a great mother as in the short time that I have known you I can see how caring you are. Lil Mochi is lucky to have you and Yan as her parents. All the best with parenthood!!

Enjoy the pics from the party! (taken by my iPhone)

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  1. I just saw this post... jet lag punya pasal. What a beautiful post hahaa dah setahun dah u wrote this. So happy you came. You and Nazrin's presence made the party even more fun and memorable!

    Loves...... S


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