Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Training at Marriot Putrajaya

Hello hello!

Sorry for the long hiatus but I have been away at a course last week so haven't had the time to update. Well I was very lucky to have been sent to this IMD Leadership Development course.
This course ain't cheap as IMD is a leading business school based in Switzerland. 

So last week was module 2 which was more business related. I loved the course as it was all about innovation and renovation. The cases we read were all closely relevant to the company. So the three days went by so quickly.

The biggest take away from the course for me was the Deep Dive Process.
This is a process for brainstorming whereby each member of the team does not speak and basically writes down their ideas on a post it and stick it up. By not speaking at the beginning, this allows all members of the team to think of their ideas without anyone influencing or swaying the train of thoughts a certain way. After everyone was put down their ideas or thoughts all similar ideas are grouped together and only after this you discuss. 
This process was so alien to me as discussions always mean talking before this. 

As usual, courses also meant that it was buffet time. I just really couldn't be bothered about diet so was on a binge-ing spree. The course ended late each day at around 6.30pm so most of us stayed for dinner too. On the second night we even had Japanese for dinner which was super yums.

Hope everyone had a productive week last week!

With Muni the course mate
We chilled out over lunch chatting by the pool
My Japanese dinner.

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