Saturday, 5 October 2013

Baby stuff haul

When Nazrin started going to school, that means mummy has an excuse to shop!
So I went on a little shopping spree...

Tupperwares for his lunch and drinks
A brand new bag to put it into + his diapers
New bottles, thermabag and a flask.
The hubby is actually having second thoughts about sending him to school. He's thinking maybe it's too early and basically he can't bear to see Nazrin cry at the mention of school (it's a banned word in front of him). I feel that we should try and keep sending him but maybe we'll just wait until next year. So all the new school stuff will have to be put aside until then.


  1. Guess what deensy, bought that bag even BEFORE ammar was even 1! Nampak sgt mummy x sabar nk send anak to school!

    1. we bought the smaller owl one for nazrin but that can hardly fit anything. this one is better!! heheh biasa la mummy selalu excited beli barang utk anak hehe


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