Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Micheal Kors Selma

I have been longing for a new work bag and I may have found it.

The ultimate bag would be this 

Saint Laurant Cabas
Saint Laurant bags are sooo expensive though. This would be about RM7k+

However I have found an alternative.
I love that it's structured, has a top zip with plenty of compartments inside. The size is just nice too!

I am so torn between these two colours.
The silver is perfect for work but the pomegranate (kinda like fuchsia + purple) is gorgeous.

And my favourite blogger peonylim also has one is red!

This retails at RM1719 in KL but have found an online site that sells it for RM1550.
The site admin also warned me of other sites selling it for less than RM1000 (which I did come across and was tempted to buy!) and has informed me that they were probably bought at outlets and unfortunately MK outlet bags are sometime of subpar quality. 

Now the question is to buy it at the store or online? To wait or not to wait...decisions decisions #firstworldproblems

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