Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I am tired

Lately Nazrin has been having the recurring separation anxiety. This is when he wakes up and demands "mummy sleep here" pointing to my spot on the bed. Yesterday I was already at the gate when I heard him crying and sobbing after waking without me next to him. That meant that even though I was running late, I still had to send and drop him off at the in laws. 

This morning as I was heading out to send him off again, I noticed the same Myvi that's dropping off her 3 months old baby (judging by the size of the baby) at the nursery opposite the house. I felt like giving her the high five this morning. I feel like saying to her "yes I get you". We're probably both tired from the interrupted night sleep (yes my son still hasn't slept through the night) but here we are 6.30am dropping off our kids. Then off to work we go. I mean I shouldn't complain as much as I don't have to come home and cook (I don't have the time) and I don't know how working mothers can fit cooking and cleaning. The most I can do is the laundry but the folding only happens once a month at best so there is a constant mountain of unfolded laundry. Ugh I am still tired even though I slept early due to the dose of drowsy anti-histamine plus a shot up the bum for more allergy meds that I had yesterday. I am just feeling lethargic hence the early morning rant. But I just wana say hang in there mothers and also wana share this article that I read this morning.

To the tired mom

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