Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mummy's Pampering Weekend Part II - Spa at Pullman Putrajaya (Groupon)

My pampering weekend continued on Sunday where I took mummy to Pullman Putrajaya to redeem my Groupon voucher.

This was the voucher;

  • 1-hour full body traditional massage (RM200 value)
    - Uses relaxing massage oil containing ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and bergamot
  • 30-minute Javanese lulur (RM100 value)
  • 20-minute steam bath (RM170 value)
    Pandan, ginger, and lemongrass with peppermint essential oil for relaxation
  • Access to swimming pool (RM58 value)
  • 16% service charges and Government tax (RM84.80 value

The hotel was huge with 4 different wings each with its own theme.

Clock tower in the middle of the hotel
We were directed into our own private room complete with its own steam bath, bathroom, bathtub and 2 massage beds.

Our massage table
Steam batch (left mirrored door) and bathroom (right)

The bathtub (which we didn't use)

It all started with the steam bath for about half an hour just to get us all warm and sweaty. I guess easier to scrub us off after. The scrub they used smelled so lovely and it was done all over the body. After that we had a shower and continued with our full body massage. The 2 girls who attended to us were lovely. My masseuses was a tiny little girl but with strong hands. 

Another Groupon that was well worth it!

Mummy and I

Glad that I managed to take mummy out for her spa day!! We had a lovely mummy daughter day!

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