Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to use your serum to the very last drop??!!

Do you have this same problem too??
Where your particular serum (or any beauty item) that costs a bomb, so obviously you would like to use it to the very last drop, but can't due to the shape or aesthetics of the bottle??
Meet my current pet peeve!!

This serum costs over RM300 a bottle and as you can see there is still some at the corners of the bottle.
Due to its viscosity (thick liquid) it doesn't simple run down the bottle if you tip it upside down!

So these are my futile attempts at trying to get to the very last drop!!

1- Using the stick-your-finger-down-the-bottle trick

Damn fat stubby fingers..can only get to the top corners of the bottle.

2 - Use a liquid sucker (surely there is a technical term for this thingy?!)  from the other serum

Sucker is too short! Can't.reach.bottom.of.bottle!

3 - Cotton buds! 

We have found ourselves a winner!! I even bent the tips so that I can scrape the remains of that serum!!

Does anyone else have any other solutions??!! Share with me in the comments =)

Estee Lauder really should seriously reconsider this bottle, perhaps to use this kind of dispenser.

This bottle truly dispenses every single drop!! Everytime you push the dispenser it has a bottom bit that pushes up the liquid. And that bottom bit keeps going up each time hence not a single drop left in that bottle. Does anyone know what this kind of bottle dispensing system is called? Share with me please.


  1. Olay's moisturiser bottle uses the same system as the Benefit bottle, so convenient kan!

  2. It does??? awesome!!..i think i will be using the Olay serum instead of the Estee Lauder one. i have finished my Advance Night Repair a long time ago and has been replacing it with Argan Oil instead!!


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