Monday, 4 November 2013

I want to go to a Hawaiian Luau with Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project!

Since it's start earlier this year, The Butterfly Project has been coming up with monthly events to all bloggers out there. And it would be ending the year with a BANG by throwing a Luau for 50 lucky bloggers out there!!!! The team at The Butterfly Project is collaborating with Kinohimitsu this time around and the party will be held at Vila Manja Spa smack in the middle of KL.

So why do I want to shake my thang and dance the hula with the Butterflies and Kinohimitsu??

1. To learn more about the products!

I have to admit that I have never tried their products before and would LOVE to learn all about it. 2 products that I would love to try is their Diamond Collagen and KilosCut! For enhanced beauty inside and out!!

2. To meet up with all the beauty bloggers

I was lucky to be chosen to attend the Spa Party and met with so many bloggers. Since then we have kept in touch mainly through their blogs and Instagram. 

So I would love to see them all again and of course to meet more blogger friends!!

I can't thank The Butterfly Project enough for giving us the opportunity to attend events such as this. For a newbie blogger like me with not so much traffic at the moment, it gives us a platform to get into the blogging world. They even have Blogging 101 with tips to blog which is great! So thanks to The Butterfly Project. 

*Much love for Tammy and her SWAT team.. mwahss**

3. I already have my costume!!

I have my outfit all ready to go. All I need now is the invite and I am ready to PARTAYYY!!! *shake shake shaking doing the hula* 

I can't wait to head to the spa our "Hawaii" for the night and be pampered, play games and hopefully win some prizes (currently there is a spa package to be won worth RM280 at the moment!!)

Me partying with Kinohimitsu all in our Hawaiian outfits!!!!

Hope I get picked!! Cause I can't wait to party with the rest of the Butterflies and Kinohimitsu!!

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