Friday, 1 November 2013

L'occitane Shower Gel Haul

I had an RM39 voucher to be used up from collecting points, so I went to L'occitane KLCC to redeem them. I had to make it quick so just grabbed some shower gel. I LOVE using "expensive" shower gels as part of my relaxing routine. Whenever I had a long and tiring day or I just want to get a great start to the day..I would use my best shower gels to perk me up. Does anyone else do that??

So after grabbing one bottle of shower gel, the SA told me that if I spend a minimum of RM110 I would get another RM20 voucher. So if I buy 2 bottles I would end up paying RM96.80 in total which is a great bargain considering that it's retailing at RM82 each!

I bought these two shower gels;

Relaxing Shower Gel

Offering you an enjoyment of well-being and relaxation! This Bath & Shower Gel is formulated with a natural origin foaming base and rich in relaxing Essential Oils ( Lavender, Tea Tree and Geranium). Its aromatic fragrance and its pleasant foam help to relieve stress and calm tensions of body and mind.

Revitilising Shower Gel

Combines a plant cleansing base with natural copra and sugar foaming action. The revitalizing result is a luxurious lather that leaves skin silky clean, and gently scented with the aromas of mint, pine and rosemary.

Lots of satchet samples!!

Can't wait to use them! These would be perfect for after a long day at the office or a sweaty work out at the gym!

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