Friday, 15 November 2013

Malaysia Property Award 2013

I was invited to attend the Malaysia Property Award over the weekend by the boss so I was super hyped to get all dressed up for it. The dress code was Black Tie for the men and Evening Gown for the ladies. So I had to find a long dress and I didn't have any! 

I rummaged through my closet and found these two.
A lace top from a baju kurung and a long black skirt.

Ended up with the pearl necklace as the lace was "busy" enough.

The shoes and accessories

My make up
    This was the whole look.

Note to self : You can't pull off that tucked in top into long skirt look.
That skirt was not long enough and you ain't skinny enough.Sigh...

Close up of the make up. Was going for smokey eyes but not smokey enough.

With the colleagues
We were served an 8 course Chinese Dinner and I was stuffed by the end of it!
It was a great night and it was great to see who won that night.

I enjoyed the getting ready part the most though. It was nice to get all dressed up!

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