Friday, 6 December 2013

Blood Donation (kinda gross so skip away if you want!)

It's been a while since I last donated blood. Ever since I came back from the UK (4 years ago?) I haven't donated as I thought I wasn't eligible coz I lived abroad but I was wrong. 

They were having a blood drive last week and I felt like donating. There has been too many incidents that happened to family and friends where blood was required. For example a friend of mine a few month's back got slashed by a robber at her home and she lost a lot of blood. She couldn't have died if not for blood that people donated. You never know when you could be on the receiving end.

The process was nice and quick with a thorough background history check. It didn't take long to fill the 450ml bag.

But the bruising after is still around after a week.  Apparently this happens if you don't compress correctly straight after.

Hoped I helped someone, somewhere.

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