Thursday, 5 December 2013

My pick me up

I have been frustrated with my hair lately.
It's frizzy all the time! Never used to have this problem where I can just wash my hair and not bother blow drying it to go to work and STILL get compliments on how nice it is (cheh :p). And I don't have time to blow dry my hair anymore in the morning and it's just horrendous.

So I went to the local saloon and enquired about relaxing or rebonding but the guy said that it's not the solution for the frizzy hair. I couldn't decide what to do so asked them to just wash and blow dry. Best RM35 spent! hahaha

There's nothing like the intense scratching on the scalp (thought that you're not suppose to do that but all saloon does it here?) and head massage. If you're ever feeling stressed or having a crap day go get your hair washed at your local saloon (ie those ones at the shop lot that don't charge you and arm and leg for a wash!). 

Scratching awayyyyyyy and he gave a good head massage! 
You'll get your hair washed, head and neck massage and walk out feeling like a million dollars!! 

Told them to blow it dry curly!! This only lasted an hour and I slept on this hair. So it's back to normal (ie frizzy) now

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