Monday, 16 December 2013

Nov & Dec movies

Its been ages since we saw a movie. I think the last one we saw was Despicable Me 2. So earlier in Nov I insisted, pestered and bugged the husband that we went to see one. Since then we have seen quite a few!! Check out my ratings on the movies (out of 5 hearts)


This movie mainly focused on Diana's love story with Dr Hasnat Khan.
For me it was just OK. Loved seeing London in the movie though, brought back good ol' times.


About an astronout who drifted into space after a space storm.
All about her journey to earth from space. She has to travel from one space station to another.
A little more action in this one so I give it a 3 hearts.

Enough Said

A romantic movie about a massuess who is dating her client's ex-husband.
A light movie so it was nice. Wrote more about this, here.

The Hunger Games; Catching Fire

Best one so far !! Raved about this movie, here.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The special effects were awesome. Great story line but not a Tolkien fan, so I give this a 4 hearts. We watched this at Gold Class though and I have to admit I dozed off at one point (as we just had a heavy lunch!)

So there you go, 5 movies within 2 months.

Can't wait to watch Last Vegas next!!!

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