Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Photobook Malaysia - Groupon codes

I have been making my own photobooks as it's the best way to print out your photos so that they're not stuck in your computer or phone. So far I have made about 6 and I am always on the look out for Groupon Codes for offers. Did you managed to grab the FREE photobook offer??! I DID and recently I redeemed these two coupons! 

I did a download of my instagram photos and put them into this book!

I wanted this so that I could put it into my A3 Ikea frame

The deliveries!!
Mini square photobook
The cover
Fave pic inside

My A3 poster!

What an absolute bargain!! In total I had to only pay for the delivery RM8. However I couldn't put both items in the same cart and check them out together so I had to pay it twice. But still, it was cheap!

Otherwise I love their services coz the software is easy to use and they also have these readybooks where all you have to do is drag and drop your photos in. The photo box and the background are all ready so it doesn't take long to do the photobook. I spend more time choosing pictures to tell you the truth! Oh and how did I import my instagram pics??? Instaport.me Easy peasy!

If you sign up for their newsletters, they always have discounts codes so it's worth signing up for!

Check them out at http://www.photobook.com.my/ coz it's definately...

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