Friday, 25 April 2014

Back to the Alma BB...

Clearly I am still not over this bag!

Saw on Instagram, our local actress sporting this bag in Vernis leather, so all day yesterday i was oogling this bag all over again!

This bag in vernis has a few new colours which are TO DIE FOR!

I am also loving it in these bright colours in the Epi Leather. These are my current colour choices, still can't decide!

There is also a new bag called the Louise. Kinda like the Chanel Wallet On a Chain but when I checked the sizes, it's much smaller than the Alma BB. So maybe it's not worth it.

On a different note, it was my sister in law's birthday yesterday. Usually on her birthday she would get an LV bag from her husband but this year she got UPGRADED to a CHANEL!! She got the beige medium classic bag. Apparently by 1st of May the prices are going to increase again by a whopping 16%. Making it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to buy...*cry*


  1. These bags are gorgeous!!!! Love them :)

    Layla xx

    1. i love them too!! thanks for dropping by layla xxx


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