Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hubster's birthday!!

Happy birthday Yang!
It was the hubster's birthday last week so we had a BBQ on his birthday and celebrated again with his parents (they were away on his actual birthday) over the weekend.

My little family

I got him a few things for his present.

1. I fixed his Tiffany bracelet. 
This was given by his family a long time ago and the clasp broke. He didn't want to spend RM180 to fix it and was planning to just superglue it but I took the bracelet behind his back (he didn't realise pon it was missing) and got it fixed. Tiffany's service was excellent as usual, they even fixed it in time for his birthday!

2. Hard Rock Melaka drumsticks
He has a collection and last we counted he has about 18 pairs so far!

3. Sylvanian Family - Dining Room set
We collect this so I added this dining room set. (yes he may look macho and scary but he has a soft heart this husband of mine)

4. Remote control helicopter
This is his MAIN present! He specifically asked for this and has been playing with it even at night!

Happy birthday Yang! We love you tonnes!

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