Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Krabi - Day Three

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Day Three Itinerary

Yoga session
Home sweet home

Our final day in Krabi.

We woke up with the sun shining bright! It's the perfect weather for Phi Phi Island. Such a bummer that yesterday's weather wasn't like this.

I was pretty tired as I didn't sleep very well due to the "blackouts" we had at 3.30 am. The blackouts happened so many times consecutively that I was so afraid it was hantu playing with the switch. Read my ayat kursi repeatedly and finally it stopped. Rest assured, it was definitely a blackout as everyone experienced it too! Pheww!

Although tired, we all got ready and waited for Sam at 7.30am at the lobby to go for our Yoga session. It was held at Marina Yoga just 15 minutes from the hotel. We had an hour session with her where she went through a few cycles of work outs. After an hour we were all sweating and my body hurt esp. the abs the day after!

Photo credit : Lulu
Photo credit : Lulu
 After yoga, we headed back to the hotel for breakfast and back to our room to pack.
Then off we went to the airport!

Thank you so much Dove for the wonderful holiday. I had an enjoyable time doing activities that I won't normally do on holidays such as the cooking class and yoga. But most of all, I loved meeting my new friends!! Thank you girls for an awesome weekend in Krabi! 

Will definitely come back to go to Phi Phi Island!!
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  1. I love the yoga.. so much sweat.. oh yeah.. I can't balance lol..

    I follow your gfc :D


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