Wednesday, 2 July 2014

apple accessories haul

Someone (*looks at Nazrin*) dropped my iPad recently so the cracked screen was annoying me. So i got a new iPad mini :p

So I had to go get a new casing for it pronto, in case it gets dropped again!

Loving the "Saffiano Leather" look of this casing.

Protection all around the edges!!

No one gets to use this iPad except me! Nazrin and Kimi has to share the cracked old one *bahahah*

Then I browsed the iPhone cover section and got a new cover. Loved the old one (just a simple transparent silicone cover) as it was reliable - dropped it so many times! But from clear it turned brown from the make up transfer! It was getting kinda gross so time for a change (plus it was pay day :P)

I ended up with this one! 

Love the clear and transparent back!


iPad mini : Odoyo casing (RM119)
iPhone : spigen casing (RM69)

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