Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ramadhan, bringing my love ones closer to me

This Ramadhan, I have been given the opportunity to meet up with many old friends.

First my friend Alan from the UK, then my bimbotches. My bimbotches are my girl-friends from high school. #smkj2represent!

Last night we had dinner at Ben's (great service! as always). It was great to hang out JUST the four of us. Ann never fails to crack us up with her bimboness. Case in point: Nadia passed the fone to her and she was ready to take a pic, then paused and ask "kau nak aku amik gambar apa ni" when we didn't pose. We wanted her to take a pic of the food actually. Paris is always funny with his antics and Nadia as always full of stories pok pek pok pek! hehe love them!


And today my Emellyne is back too! Emellyne has been and always will be my rock, my person.
I first met her back at College where we did our A-levels. Then we stayed in touch while I studied at Warwick and she was in Newcastle. Then after we finished our degrees, she and her family moved to Coventry! So we had our heart to heart sessions over Fillet o Fish and a sundae. She stocked up my fridge with comfort food when I was going through a bad patch. She never fails to make me feel good! Never stops giving me advice.

So I was super excited when she told me she was coming back this year (after 5 years of not seeing her!!). She came to the office as she had errands to do at the counter. So we just chatted here at the office, then at the bank and then at the lobby. Trust us to hang out at the most random-est place!

It was just so good to catch up with her!!

Me and my Ems

Now that I have all my loved ones near me, I also need to get closer to the Almighty too! Especially in these last 10 days. Mari beribadat!!

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