Monday, 25 August 2014

Review - Bahayanya Wanita

After the drama regarding the ticket, we managed to watch the theater on the night that we wanted.

So after a quick dinner at KLCC with Ann we headed off straight to Istana Budaya.

My bimbotches (sans Nadia)

Us again at intermission
The theatre was light and funny. Which was exactly what we wanted.
Zizan was hilarious!! He was improvising with little jokes here and there making all the other actresses laugh that they had to turn around!

Some examples;

A quick jab at Erra "Patutla Awie sayang!" (is there a lil gossip here??!)
The many jokes about Umie Aida's turban calling them cabbage, Darth Vader and a lamp shade

I was surprised how good Nora was. Her acting was great and she even sang! Well surprised!

Erra and Umie Aida were equally as good. Loved Erra's singing voice!

The whole show was very laid back.
Any mistakes, they kinda laughed it off and continued.

I really wanted to see Neelofa too and she come out for 3 seconds in the very last scene! heheh (baik tak payah :p)

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But overall it was an enjoyable show. Zizan was super funny tho! He really made the show.
It was a tad too long tho. A total of 2 hours, it finished at 12am! Yikes!! When mummy came back you were fast asleep with your Nani and Baba. Sorry son! 

Well done to the whole production team! Loved it!

Good show!

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