Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pusat Sains Negara

Over the weekend we received a picture of the playground at Pusat Sains Negara.
We were impressed! A huge slide and a ball pit, we were sold!

So we decided to go last Sunday.


Harga (RM)
Kanak-kanak (6-12 tahun) dan Warga Emas (55 tahun keatas)
* Kumpulan Murid Sekolah Rendah (termasuk Guru)
* Kumpulan Murid Sekolah Menengah (termasuk Guru)
* Kumpulan Dewasa (minima 10 orang)5.00


Entering in, we walked through the aquarium. Not as impressive as Aquaria, but it still amused this lil boy.

There are 16 sections in the whole place but unfortunately some were closed. The playground in the picture (with the big slide) is closed and it's only for 6 years and above.

The ball pit was also closed!

So he could only play at the "Peneroka Comel" (Cute Explorer) section for 3 years and below.
Admittedly for babies, but it still kept him occupied. It had a music, sea, transport sections.

The place is a bit run down with many activities under repair. There was a whole section that was closed due to "works".

I spotted a signage explaining the activity but the grammar is a bit wrong isn't it?

Then the videos playing were from the 80's I think! They could have at least updated this. There are so many new available videos, just search on YouTube. 

However, despite the shortcomings, it still kept Nazrin totally occupied with the many other activities available.

He loved this ball activity
He didn't want to move away from this helicopter
They also had an animal section where they brought out a snake, a few birds and lizards that you could take pictures and pet.

There was also a show on stage which catered to the school groups.

Overall, the whole place could do with an upgrade and better maintenance. Nonetheless, we still had our fun. Nazrin loved trying the activities. He loved playing with the crane (there was a crane) and also a life sized piano.

When he's a bit bigger, I imagine taking him again and him spending more time here checking out all the activities. Next time he would understand more so I look forward to explaining things to him.

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