Friday, 29 August 2014

Iphone 5 defects - battery problems and power button. FREE REPLACEMENTS!

If you have an iPhone 5 and currently facing problem with your battery like I am, here's some good news for you. Apple is offering FREE battery replacements!!

My phone is usually at 100% when I wake up and by 10.30am it needs to be recharged!! Apple has admitted that there are issues with some iPhones which suffers shorter battery life (based on this article from

First you need to check if your phone is eligible for a replacement (check here). If you are then it starts today!!!

Back in April, Apple has also acknowledge problems with power/wake button which my phone ALSO suffers from. Luckily my phone is eligible for both to be replaced so I am taking in my phone next week!

If you do take your phones in, DO follow the instructions on soyacincau's webpage OK? (ie back up etc)

I guess with fierce competition from Samsung and other phone companies, Apple are now REALLY taking care of their customer with their free replacement programs. THANK GOD for competition!! Good news for us consumers!!


  1. Ohmygod my iPhone pun eligible for the battery replacement thingy. But I tak tau pulak the snooze/wake button pun boleh replace. How do I check if I'm eligible for this? Mine memang dah rosak terus tak boleh guna. So looking forward to iPhone 6 *sigh*

    1. If u click at the soyacincau article, don't the bottom of the article they mentioned the power button problem which should take u to an article abt it. In that article there's a link similar to the battery one for u to check if u r eligible to change the button too! Paham ke ?? Hehhe sorry tak include link awal2 :p


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