Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Nazrin's 3rd Construction Theme Birthday

For Nazrin's 3rd birthday, I decided to go with a Construction Site Theme as he is obsessed with trucks. It was just going to be a small party with both families, the next door neighbour, Kimi's best friend and cousin. It was held at the inlaws where my MIL cooked nasi lemak as the main menu.

So I searched for FREE PRINTABLES (of course!) and stumbled across this site.

For the invitation, I used the invite provided and added the wordings.

Nazrin's invite
I used the printables to make the toppers (although I had no cupcakes) so I stuck them on the serving plates and door gifts.


The door gift
Some of the deco

Lucky for us, we had tonnes of trucks lying around to be used as decorations.

The full dessert area

Ballons were bought from Glowing Party House at Jalan Reko. One foil ballon had a tractor on it and the other foil balloon had Nemo (his current fave movie).

Nazrin and Ariana playing with their balloons
For the cake, I googled and this is my inspiration and sent it to my baker at @bakesnbites (on Instagram). You can even bake this cake yourself using bettycrocker mix where I got this picture from.

She baked us a choc cake with choc ganache which was so delicous! Everyone loved how it was not too sweet yet so soft. She dug the cake for me and added the green shaggy for grass. The rest of the decorations were added by me and this is the final result!

Nazrin's cake

Nazrin was so excited to see his cake. He kept asking "Mummy can I play?" he wanted to play with the truck and the cake. I had to keep a CLOSE eye on him before the party so that he doesn't play and ruin the cake!

Nazrin admiring his cake
The baker told me that she got a lot of "Likes" for this cake of over 100++ likes. Hehehe *bangga jap*

Nazrin sure loved his party. Sorry it wasn't a big HUGE party but I felt that it was enough. He got loads of trucks (1 excavator, 1 fork lift, 1 tow truck) and I added a Play Doh set (he loved it and ended up getting another set using birthday money given by my mum) and a truck story book.

The happy birthday boy
And finally a family pic. 

Happy birthday Nazrin
Uggghh I keep telling myself to invest in a photographer during parties as I can never get decent proper pics!

Happy birthday my darling son. You will always be my number one and I pray to that you grow up to be a muslimin and anak yg soleh. I love that you are an individualistic boy with a passion for anything malay. I love that your current sing-song is "Renjis-Renjis Dipilis" together with your kompang. Stay the way you are and always remember mummy and Appa loves you so much!

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