Monday, 11 August 2014

Louis Vuitton Alma - new colour alert DUNE

I often stalk the LV website every now and then just to check up on my baby (the Alma - as I have written about this numerous times here, here and here). I also love feasting my eyes on their new bags and put then in my wishlist just for fun. has also recently changed their website to a much friendlier and faster site. It used to take ages to browse through the bags and it takes forever for it to load. It's so much quicker now so yeay!

So I was browsing the brand new site last month and noticed that they have added a new colour to the Alma PM Epi Leather.

Alma PM Epi Leather in DUNE
It's like a nude, light brown colour which is to die for! On the website there seems to be a hint of very light pink but when I checked it out at the boutique the pinkiness is not visible.

With this shade it's so much easier to match with so many colours!

To my delight a few weeks later, I noticed this colour popping up in the Vernis leather too!

Alma BB Vernis in Dune
 It also seems like they have discontinued the Alma BB in Rose Velours and Rose Angelique.
Here it is in Dune but the PM size.

Alma PM Vernis in Dune
Now I am going googly eyes again over this new colour and it may have just pushed me to making my purchase!! Stay tuned to see WHICH of the bag I purchased!!!!! So excited to share!!!

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  1. Ohemgeeee this is my favourite handbag too! It has been in my wishlist forever. But I have never been able to take the plunge to just purchase it. Alma PM in Vernis please... drooollllll...

  2. It was on my list for TOO long! so when I saw this colour, i just had to HAVE it. so i ended up getting.....................................the Alma.................................BB hehe. I just need THAT crossbody strap!! and that size is perfect for dinners! so there you go! heheh will do a proper unboxing soon. stay tuned!

  3. *gasp* You did????? Ohemgeeeeee can't wait for the unboxing. Do a good long post about that one, ok! Unfortunately Alma BB doesn't do justice to my figure (crossbody just accentuates my ehem ehem). But can't wait to see you with the new handbag! (ok too much shrieking in this post hahahaha)


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