Friday, 5 September 2014

20 facts about me

Hey all!

So I have been tagged by a few friends of mine.
Here are 20 facts about me;

  1. I am a Certified Chartered Accountant with the Scotland board, I worked my sweat blood and tears getting my CA 
  2. I lived in Coventry, UK for 7 years. 3 years during my university says and 4 years whilst working
  3. Sometimes when I am driving in the car otw or back from work in KL, the air cond is on and the sun is shining , I would pretend that I am in the UK in spring (when it's chilly and sunny)
  4. My favourite book ever is Kane and Abel
  5. My current celebrity crush is Jimmy Fallon! He is super funny and super duper cute!!
  6. My girl celebrity crush is Jennifer Lawrence. I love how she is always true to herself
  7. I used to have bad acne when I was a teenager. I even took medication and guess what helped calm it down? sabun muka susu kambing 
  8. I love working out - aerobics, zumba, combat and I love netball (can't wait to play this weekend!)
  9. I'm watching Masterchef S5 as I do this and eh the fat judge is no longer fat?!!!! He is half the size he used to be!! WOW OMG 
  10. I love watching Criminal Minds
  11. My favourite fruit is the nectarine and blueberries
  12. At the moment I think I overuse the word 'Jenuh' heheh
  13. I proscastinate often, I think I work under pressure better
  14. I am not the most tidy person 
  15. I also used to live in Brisbane, Australia for 4.5 years and I still keep in touch with my Aussie friends esp Michelle and Greta. I saw Michelle this year when I went to Melbourne. I went to Greta's wedding and they both came to mine
  16. My closest friends are my work mates . We call ourselves the CBA (stands for Can't be Arsed, which is a term I used one Friday when we were super lazy) They are actually 2 years younger than me but we just click u know?
  17. My highschool best buddies are Nadia, Ann and Paris and we call ourselves the Bimbotches 
  18. I think I am a friendly person, approachable and talkative. But at times I really CBA to make small talks and 'network'
  19. I have a weakness for desserts! Esp Natte's 
  20. I am super garang when pushed. Asked my siblings! They can definitely confirm hehe. I miss you crazy siblings. 
Tell me 20 facts about yourselves please!

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  1. high-5 for number 14 hahaha sometimes it took me for about three days untuk kemas satu bilik hahaha teruk betul perangai


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