Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Merdeka Weekend Schenanigans

Sorry for the lack of entries lately :p
This entry is like a week old but what the heck.


First we went to Didikan Sakura for Nazrin's playgroup.
The theme of the week was "Merdeka" and he made a Malaysian flag using recycled bottles and streamers.

Nazrin painting
His concentration during painting is somewhat amazing. I can hardly ever get this boy to sit still but he managed to finish it off. Should try to get him to paint more often.

After playgroup we went to Ad and Syah's house for a small makan2.
First time we've ever been there since they moved in (5 years ago?!) so a small gathering was overdue!

She decorated her place with a nice vintage look and we had yummy nasi lemak and mee rebus.

Drog, Ad and Moi

The PNB girls
Nazrin had some bonding time with Uncle Syah. Budak ni selamba masuk bilik org and masuk duvet etc! Buat mcm rumah sendiri ! Thank you Uncle Syah for layaning him!


Arshad's 3rd birthday party!

I was very excited to attend Arshad's party as Jid has been planning it for a while now.
She even baked the birthday cake herself!! After all the sweat and tears (and they were definitely some when the first ship broke!) it was well worth it as it was delicious and it looked amazing! I'll let you judge it yourself!

Baked with love by Jid
The food was superb!! Western food by Uniq Catering Services. I was too busy eating that I didn't snap any pic of the food. But do check out their website and their menus! Highly recommended!

I also kept telling Jid that after each birthday party, I always kick myself for NOT hiring a professional photographer. After which she decided to hire one for the day!! And it was money well spent as there were so many cute and candid moments captured by the photographer. Otherwise these moments will go uncaptured! So glad that she did and I'll definitely hire one at our next party!

Taken by the Photographer
Group pic of the ladies + kiddos
There rest of the pics below were from my camera.

We had a tonne of fun at the birthday party.
Thanks for inviting us!!

Love this pic of us two
PS; yes Jid made the photobooth as well too!!
YES handmade ship!!

With Drog, Natte and Fiena

Happy Birthday Arshad
Beautiful Family!

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