Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bag reveal - Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Finally!! After obsessing over this bag for so long, I finally purchased it.

From the last post I wrote about the new colour, it really did just PUSH me over the edge to just BUY it!

I enquired to a friend of mine (who sells Designer Bags at a cheaper than KL boutique prices as she goes to Europe and gets them herself - check out her IG Premiumshire) about the Alma BB Vernis in Dune, And I asked her to quote her price. Her price is cheaper by RM900 compared to KL Boutique price. So I told her "Ok I think I want to buy this, so maybe tomorrow I'll transfer you the money"

Then when I woke up the next morning and checked my Whatsapp, she sent me these;

She has actually purchased them!! Yikes!!
No backing out now :P

I was surprised that she bought them straight away as I haven't even transferred the money yet. Usually they wait for the money to be banked in first and then buy it. I guess because she is a friend and I have dealt with her before she completely trusts me!

So there you go! I finally got my Alma!!

I wore it the subsequent weekend to my aunt's open house, a wedding and to the movies.

At my aunt's open house
At Maya's wedding
I love how versatile it is! The size is perfect for dinners and weddings.

And you know how I wasn't sure if I wanted the crossbody or not? At the movies, my thoughts of why I needed it was confirmed. After the movie finished, lil boy was already asleep. So I had to carry him down 2 flight of stairs while the hubby carried the stroller. The crossbody was a godsend, making it easy to carry down my 14kg 3 year old son down!!

So here is the big reveal (lots of pictures!)

Still in the box!
Alma BB Vernis in Dune

The inside - one side pocket

So handbag quota for 2014 is FULL! No more handbags this year!

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