Thursday, 23 October 2014

Ann's Parisian themed baby shower

A few week's back, it was Ann's birthday shower.
Like Nadia said, "Her bridal shower was in Bali, this time her baby shower is in "Paris"!

The party was held at her own home.
She was upstairs the whole time we were setting up downstairs.

It was a potluck party so everyone brought some food.
As I was in charge of games, I didn't have time to prepare or buy anything.

Some of the food!

The deco was masterminded by Diana, Ikmal and Cuna

The dessert table

Qilah and Paris (our friend!) were in charge of the photobooth!
I love the drawing of the photobooth made by Cuna!

The photobooth

The cake, oh my the cake!!
This was ordered by Diana from none other than Gateauxlicous!

It was a two tier, Parisian themed cake.
The top dier had 3 sides of shop windows; Baby Dior, Laduree and a Cafe.
It was so stunning that we didn't have the heart to cut it!

We played the usual games;
Guess the Poop
Measure the belly
Baby themed charade

Games card

Here are some pictures of the day!

Bimbotches with the mummy and daddy to be!

The whole gang

Me and Ann the mummy to be!
Dearest Ann,

We can't wait for the arrival of your princess.
Good luck with Motherhood. Enjoy sleeping now as you will never have an uninterrupted sleep for the next couple of years!!

Much love!!

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