Monday, 20 October 2014

Bobbi Brown Haul

As part of the workshop, Bobbi Brown offered exclusive sets which were only available for that day. There were four sets from skincare, concealer, eye set and foundation set. Within that set, they would give one free item. Furthermore we were given a voucher of RM30 off in our door gift which could be used towards the set.

As my problem area is my dark circles so I decided to go for the concealer set.
The box

3 items in the set
1. Prep - Hydrating Eye Cream (RM170)

2. Correct in "Peach" - RM98 (?)
This item I got for free in the set.

3. Concealer in "Warm Beige" -(RM138)

As taught by Sandra the other day at the Bobbi Brown workshop, this is the first step to your make up.

Concealing your dark circles and brightening the eyes immediate perks up your face! Making it look fresh and taking away any "tiredness".

Here is a before and after.

Love love this product!!

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