Friday, 17 October 2014

P Ramlee the musical - quick review

I finally managed to coax the hubs to go out for a date with me!
I think it's been 2 years since we last went out just the TWO of us (we went to watch MIB3).

This time around, we went to see P. Ramlee the musical. Thought that he might enjoy it since he's a fan of P. Ramlee. We even went to his museum (his old house converted into a museum) earlier this year.

Review of the Musical

I was expecting more of his original songs to be sang but that was not the case. Mainly the songs were the theatrical bits (ie singing to tell the story).

As for the cast, Tony was good but that was expected.
Lisa as JunaiDah - at first I was pleasantly surprised that she could sing. But unfortunately for the last song (before she parted ways with Ramli) that was a bit of a fail. She didn't quite hit the notes.
Tiara as Norizan  - she was so-so only
Nadia Aqilah as Saloma - this girl BLEW ME AWAY! she impressed me the most that night! Loved all the scenes with her in it. When she sang, the hairs on my arms were upright!! She was brilliant and i think she STOLE the show.
Eidil as Sukardi - another small timer (maybe he's pretty famous now). He was funny and could carry a tune!

The props were pretty amazing too. Love the scene with the trains going to Singapore!

Overall I thought it was entertaining but not the best. Me and Liza kept commenting throughout the show :p

Can't wait for our next theater session with the hubs which is a surprise from me to him!

Makeup look for the date

Initially I wanted to do bold red lippy but I actually forgot and went and did my eyes!!
This look was veto-ed by Adzy! Cos you can't go strong on eyes AND lips!

Smokey eyes and red lippy

So I changed my lipstick to something softer. VOILA!

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No #ootd coz hubs didn't take the pic properly (read: i look fat! boo!)

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