Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Review - Red lobster

I had the opportunity to eat at Red Lobster a few weeks back. 

Located at the Intermark, it was a cosy Lobster shack from the US. 

Check out below a few pages of their menu that I manAged to snap so you can have a fair idea of their price range. 

I decided to have the following;

Lobster bisque
This was sooo delicous!! Loved it!!

My mocktail - it was a Mango Daiquiri 

My mains - Steak and Lobster 
The lobster was so sweet and juicy but they went overboard with the salt which was a shame. 

I'm not a huge meaty steak fan. I need my sauce with my steak which in this case they were none. I had it medium-well and it was cooked accordingly and was lightly seasoned. 


  • Great ambiance
  • Sweet succulent lobsters
  • However too much salt in their seasoning
  • Quite a slow service (we went at lunchtime)
  • Pricey!

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