Monday, 17 November 2014

Mini Marathon - 5km

Sorry for all the back dated posts, but this was last last weekend!

It was our annual run, the final event for our Kelab Sukan Interhouse competition.
We had to get at least 50 runners in order to get 50 points for the house. Me and my team tried our hardest to at least 50 runners but unfortunately, a few people didn't turn up so we were short of TWO!!! Soo sayang!!

I jogged most of the way and did a better time than last year. I completed 5km in 43 minutes.
Okla, considering the old knee. Was happy to be able to finish!

Here are some pics of the day!

Me and Natte (who finished 5th! crazy this woman)

Me and our Chief De Mission of our house and Zul 
With various people
Moi, Neng (2nd place) and Natte (5th place)

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