Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review - Paddington House of Pancakes Ampang Point

Last week, we stopped by Ampang Point as Natte needed to get something from Spotlight. 
After we completed our errands, we decided to try Paddington House of Pancakes for lunch.

Loved the ambiance of the place. Situated at the entrance of Spotlight, it was cosy and surprisingly calm and comfortable albeit that its in the middle of the shopping centre.
The Ambiance
My drink - a strawberry, peach, blueberry mocktail

We both ordered 1 mains each.
I went to the stack of blueberry pancakes with scrambled eggs.

While Natte had a burger. They served the burger patty in between 2 pancakes instead.

Natte's Burger

The servings were HUGE! We ordered a tall stack of pancakes for desserts. But we were SO full already! Luckily we could change our orders to a short stack instead.

Choc, Marshmallow and Brownie Pancakes


  • yummy pancakes!
  • good portions, we were stuffed after our mains
  • made to order - they even checked if we were ready for the dessert and only then they "fire" up the pancakes
  • great service - very accommodating as they allowed us to change our orders from a tall stack to a short one
  • reasonably priced, total bill was around RM65 for the both of us including drinks and desserts

Do try Paddington House of Pancakes next time you're in Ampang Point!

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