Thursday, 18 December 2014

Middle Finger

My son has suddenly learnt how to do the middle finger.
I swear to god, I have no idea where he picked that up! Obviously he doesn't know what it means though.

I was mortified when he suddenly showed me the finger saying "Mummy look!" at a wedding!! I told him "No!" you can't do that, but the more I say no, the more he wants to do it! I noticed, that when we give him a reaction, he loves to do it more.

At first I just ignored it, but I can't allow my son to walk around flipping the finger. I tried to turn it into a peace sign but that didn't last long. So now I'm changing it into a "Pinky Promise" where we hook our two fingers together. So instead of using our Pinky, I would use mine and I would take his middle finger. I am so desperate to turn it into something negative for now, until he realises that it's a bad thing to do!

Nasib baikla muka innocent, org gelak je tgk perangai dia hehe

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